Ok, its not all about me. I am running to fundraise for Asha. That’s like icing on top of the cake. Its the hardest fundraiser I’ve done for Asha. Yet it’s the easiest because it depends upon me. I’m the only one responsible for its success/failure.

I’ve decided to run for Asha Samajik Vidyalaya (ASV), a community school for children who perform hard labor and funded by Asha Austin since 2004. For those of you who know me, my PhD thesis studied child labor. Running for ASV is my way of paying back for the education that I received, to those who I got it for.  And finally, those data points on those cool graphs I had were actual little kids that I could finally help. Perhaps.

Here’s a blurb on the school:

The school was started to serve impoverished communities (Rajbhar, Bansfore etc.) primarily consisting of landless agricultural laborers or those who farm on leased land. Before Asha Austin started funding the project, the school was run in a temple dharamshala and the verandah near it. Now, the school has make-shift classrooms in a tin shed with desks and chairs, basic study material for children, on an acre of leased land. The school began with 34 children (29 girls and 5 boys) and very meager resources. Due to the efforts of Brajendra Tiwari, a committed school teacher, and with Asha funding, the school has begun to be viewed positively by the community and has grown to about 130 children. It is heartening to see the dual goals of child education and community awareness slowly but surely materializing in this village.

I also have a fundraising page! Here’s the link: I’m going to update it from time to time. I haven’t started the fundraising yet and I hope I never have to write a post that makes a pun on the hair-raising aspects of it. I just hope the money pours in. I hope someone wants to pay to watch me run :).


One response to “Fun(d)raising!

  1. Go for it… cheering for you… never thought you were the running type but obviously you are… i can’t even imagine running half of what you are achieving already. Don’t give up… just keep at it.
    And yes, we will also donate… let us know when it will be a good time.

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