zero to 5.5

So here I begin writing about the running.

It became a reality when I signed the commitment form to Asha for Education to raise $750. Bharath was a bit diffident about being on the hook for the money should I not be able to run. Of course he had a right to be, nothing I’d ever done gave him the confidence that I was actually going to run the half. Still, the sweet guy that he is, has been extremely encouraging!

The Asha link also got me a great deal with Rogue which is an awesome running company in Austin. They have some really great programs for runners of all levels.

My first long run was on Oct 23 (see map). I just showed up at 7.30am on a Saturday (I had major grief from the husband about ruining his Friday night plans) and began running. I ran with Nataraj, a fellow Asha beginner who was gracious enough to run at my speed. Before I knew it I was almost 3 miles into the course and then decided to turn back because I had the equal distance to run back. I took it easy on the way back just feeling incredibly proud to have covered that distance! From zero to 5.5! Not bad eh? No matter that I couldn’t feel my legs the rest of the day or that I had to pop a couple of painkillers to stand up. The high was undeniable.

It was like tasting blood. I badly wanted to go back and do it again, despite the pain. We did a Quality Workout on Tuesdays as part of the Rogue program. I did a mini time trial and clocked 1 mile at 14 minutes. Not bad either.

The second long run was last Saturday (see map 2). I met with coach Lorrie who went through the stretches with me since I was a beginner. Might add that the program was 6 weeks in when I joined so I’m lagging behind. Everyone’s running 8 miles while I’m doing 5. Not that I’m worried.

Lorrie told me to pace my breathing. She asked me to count the seconds it took me to breathe in and out and keep it a 2/4 respectively. That would help me breathe easy and avoid the stitches on the side. She also asked me to run from E. 5th (Rogue) till UT football stadium which is about 2.5 miles and back.

I started slowly. Soon I got used to the sound of people overtaking me because I do run slow. I’m probably the slowest there. But I couldn’t care less. At least I can run. I couldn’t do that before! My only contest is where I am coming from.

The Oct 31 run was fabulous! The 5 miles were easy, I breathed in and out without panting and could do the 5 miles easily. When I began running it was 44 F so it felt great warming up and as the sun came up (yes it was dark when I started), it felt awesome! Lorrie asked me to do intervals of 4min runs and 1min walks but I didn’t need to walk much. The adrenaline kept me going. I hope the final race is as good!

Anyway, my Rogue running log has me at 17.4 or so right now. I haven’t added the odd 3-4 miles I ran on the treadmill at the hotel in Dallas while I was in training for work. Tomorrow I want to do a medium run on my own. Let’s see.

Route on Oct 31


4 responses to “zero to 5.5

  1. Hi Sir,

    Congratulations on a noble venture. You make us proud. There are millions of people who make others run for their own selfish ends. Take it easy and run at your own pace.The aim is to complete the course and raise the intended amount. I am sur you would comfortably do it. We need more Sirs today. The public participation and support becomes very cricial in educating our deprived children. You have had a very good insight into their problems. May more people follow suit. I can’t run with you. But I can certainly pay to watch you do it and feel proud. Let me know how I could contribute.God bless you.
    Appa & amma

  2. Hey Sir,
    a good cause and greater effect on both body and soul! What more could one want! Good for u and am so proud of u.

  3. hi guys, thanks so much for the encouragement! i started this blog for you people mainly as I know you want to share it with me. I did do the short run this morning took me about 50 minutes to cover a little over 3 miles (close to 3.4).

  4. Awesome! So glad you are blogging about this 🙂 Well I am no ambitions of running a half but the feeling at the end of a run is definitely a high! Keep it up!

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