First run in November

Austin is getting chilly! It was in the low 50s this morning. As the alarm rang at 6.45, I could hear my mind making excuses about the planned run. It was cold, it was dark, I was tired and I deserved to sleep. But I knew at 9 am I would regret not going to run. So I dragged myself out of bed while the husband snoozed in oblivion (maybe not because I was loud).

I did my stretches (great video by one of Rogue’s elite runner on the drills before running; these are not the stretches)- there are about 12 recommended dynamic stretches before the run  for about 2-4 seconds each and then the same stretches are performed after the run for 15 seconds and repeated 3 times – hence the term static. Sorry I can’t share the stretches as I guess they’re proprietary to Rogue. But in short, you take this rope and stretch various muscles in your legs and each stretch focuses on a specific part of your leg. These are simply awesome. I didn’t have the rope at home but I stretched as far as I could so I could feel the stretch where its supposed to impact. I’m not very good at this – I definitely need to do a better job at stretching before the runs. It’s much easier to do it well at Rogue while you can see everyone else do it and do it right.

The first 15 minutes of the run are the hardest – the warm up. I think this is when you have maximum chance of pulling a muscle – if you run or twist your leg the wrong way (which I think I did on my Quality Workout (QW)), it can hurt. I am no expert but I think its because your muscles are tight and cold before you warm them up.

So after huffing and puffing the first 15 minutes you somehow seem to find your mojo. I am so slow in the first 15 minutes that I was trailing this old lady who was walking a few yards in front of me for a good couple of minutes before I caught up with her. She got a fright in the dark!

Here’s a rough map of the route I took – its not entirely accurate because of issues in drawing the lines. It took me a total of about 40 minutes, so that’s an average of 13 minutes a mile or so. When I came home I felt like I definitely could have run some more (except when I was on the slope of 38th st). The Rogue suggested workout today was also 3 miles so I’m glad I could get it in.

I also thought I’d upload my first pair of running shoes on this post. I bought them last saturday after the long run (yeah stupid), but I love them. They are light as feather, not too much cushion because I like feeling the ground under my feet.

First pair of running shoes - Saucony Canvara

They came at a “cheap” tag of $90 but I got a discount with Rogue so not too bad. Thanks to the hubs whose gift these shoes are!


5 responses to “First run in November

  1. Hey Sirsha, I know you’re doing the half and not the full but I still recommend you get a copy of this book:

    It was the best decision I made while training for my first marathon.

    Btw, stretching before a run is not really that important. Running itself is a warm-up activity so the pre-stretching doesn’t add much value. The real value of stretching comes after the run to reduce the chances of injury.

    Good luck!

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