Hard run and the first donation!

The run yesterday was hard. I showed up about 15 minutes before and did my stretches with another SoH runner. The Rogue program for beginners was 5 miles because they had a tough quality workout on Tuesday, which I missed because of EYU training in Dallas (I instead did an easy 4 miles in the gym). So I thought I’d do 7 instead of 5. Yikes!

It was easy until I got to Travis Heights Blvd (see map) which was a bit uphill. I met coach Lorrie at the 2.5 mile turnaround and she gave me a thumbs up to go the extra mile. I puffed and panted and went past the mile turnaround which was ok. But most of it was uphill and I had terrible stitches on my side from trying to run up the hill. So I walked every time the stitches came and when they went away I started running. It still felt great, would definitely do it again. And we ran through one of the prettiest neighborhoods in Austin, with winding streets, quaint cottages and beautiful parks and trails. I came back and told Bharath that if we are buying in Austin, we have to aspire to Travis Hts!

Well thanks to the side stitches (Coach Lorrie said it was because I was running too fast and wasn’t getting enough air) I was one of the last few people who began at 7.30am to get back to Rogue. I thought there was one lady who was slower than me but even she overtook me haha. I felt better when I thought back to my first run 2 weeks ago through the Town Lake trail, I walked most of the way. I was doing a lot more 2 weeks later.

Back at Rogue I met the in-house chiropractor. I wonder why chiros always introduce themselves as Dr. Anyway, he took a look at the heel pain and did some stress tests. Concluded that my left calf muscles are weaker than my right. He asked me to come in for some treatment this week. To strengthen my legs.

This is pretty normal, so no cause to worry. I’ve gone from running regressions to running miles. Naturally the years spent in front of the computer or doing graduate economics exercises might have strengthened some brain cells but they didn’t make it down to my calf muscles. So I really need to do some additional exercises for my calves and quads. The chiro at Rogue will probably help with some of that. I also found some exercises on the Runners World.

In fundraising news, I got my first donation! I haven’t even begun asking around yet, just simply publicizing through the blog and facebook. So the amount raised so far is completely voluntary. That level of support is incredible. Also the fundraising webpage is up and running, updated with photos of the project. When I used to be associated with Asha Purdue, one of the key things that made a project desirable was growth in enrollment. ASV is great in that way – there’s been more than a 100% increase in enrollment and that’s testament to the fact that the school has gained more recognition and credence in the village. More details on the project to follow.


3 responses to “Hard run and the first donation!

  1. Cheechoo running regressions to miles..:D
    i’m feeling guilty sitting on my backside now, but enjoying the blog
    did you find out about matching donations?? let me know!!

  2. Hahahha I guessed. No haven’t heard about matching yet. Bloody firm I need to unleash my nagging onto them. Useless. U can wait u have until feb babes. Sunnu sent a nice msg too. Gosh am so grateful to all u peeps :). Such supportive friends I have!

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