Warhurst, Halfway to Fundraising Goal & 1st medical visit

The Warhurst proved to be exactly what it sounds like. This was the second quality workout with Rogue that I attended and it was brutal and demanding but I did it. The Warhurst technique (as I understand it) is named after the University of Michigan track coach. The first part of the marathon is aerobic – based on energy from oxygen intake and the second part is anaerobic – based on energy from the muscles. The workout had us running from Rogue to a local school track about 1.5 miles away – that was the warm up! I ran with two ladies – one who is twice my age, began running 2 years ago and has a good pace lead of 2 minutes over me. She is one energizer bunny and with her cute white cropped hair, she looks it! My goal for the marathon is probably to beat her.

Once we got to the track, there were 2 workouts. The first one was to run 1 mile – on the road and around a trail and back at the Half Marathon Goal Pace – pretty self explanatory. We’re encouraged to pick up the pace as we train every weekend towards that goal pace. I of course have tried no such thing. I’m still at the point where pace is irrelevant – covering the distance is more critical to me at a decent pace where I am not short of breath.

I ran with this girl who I think can potentially be my running partner even though I’m in no hurry to get one because I don’t want to necessarily keep up with anyone at this point. Her pace is something close to 12 while I think the one I’m comfortable with still is about 14 even touching 15. But since it was just a mile and I aspire to the HMGP of 12, I was fine running with her.

Once we got back to the track, we ran 800 meters at the 10k pace, which is supposed to be faster than the HMGP. Now the rest of the class had done time trials before and measured these paces but Coach asked me to do a relative pace. I ran the last 800 way too fast for my 30-year old body. And then jog the 1.5 miles back to training center. It was a beautiful night to run, low 70s and moonlit. But my ankle/achilles tendon was beginning to hurt.

Back at Rogue, Coach gave me some strength exercises for my legs. I still have to do them but I took the day off today as the Warhurst exhausted me much more than I expected. That’s why I’m not going to ramp up the miles anytime soon.

I went to to see the chiro today. He pressed the calf muscles hard and diagnosed that the gastronomical muscles (that go down to the achilles tendon) on my left leg are significantly weaker. He did some heat therapy and then some painful massage. I am not sure if it helped or not because the Warhurst left my legs pretty sore. In speaking to other runners, this is completely normal. The choice between a sports doc, physical therapist and chiropractor seems to be a personal one.

After all that, fundraising has been the easiest part. I’m halfway to my goal already!


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