Price Tag of Running

So in this post I want to talk a little bit about the price tag of starting a new athletic hobby (by popular demand, namely my friend Kanika). I’m sure its expensive all-round, irrespective of the sport. Tennis for instance might come at a steep price tag what with lessons, a good racket, tennis shoes, access to a court, other gear etc. The husband recently got into squash and ordered a swanky new racket, with a posh new gym bag to match. So beginning any new activity requires some monetary investment and running is no different.

I remember listening to a very interesting piece on NPR a few months ago on the cost of running. Here’s the text of it but listen to the piece if you can. The interesting point that the economist Wolfers from Wharton makes is on the opportunity cost of running. I should know that. I’m an economist and I know what my firm charges my time out to clients so there’s a real, pecuniary number to my opportunity cost of running. Here’s my favorite part from the article which really applies to me:

“A quicker runner would have a smaller opportunity cost. It’s only because I’m both slow and an economist that I fret that the world’s cheapest sport is actually incredibly expensive.”

Jeez, how expensive is my run? I can’t even begin to imagine!

But for now forget about the opportunity cost. There’s a very real direct cost as well. And here’s what I have until now.

Austin Half Registration $95
3M Registration $75
Rogue $159
Shoes $77
Watch $30
Other misc (reflective bands, ipod shuffle, water bottle holder) +shipping $83
Running gear $105
chiropractor visits $80

Till date, I’ve spent $704 on my running habit, which I might add, began on October 23. Less than 4 weeks ago I was $704 richer.

Here’s another thing I’ve lost – weight :). I haven’t weighed myself yet but my tight pants are not as tight anymore :). And I made some moolah for my favorite cause too.

In other news, tonight is a hilly workout but I’ll write about it tomorrow perhaps. I also found a new running partner! Another SoH veteran, I’ll probably do my leisure runs with her. She’s faster than me but for short distances it’s perfectly fine.

Also, I’ve made my fundraising goal! I made it in 2 weeks!! I started this blog on Nov 5 and if you go back to the post, I hadn’t raised a dollar! Today I’m upto $776! All I can say is thank you! The level of support keeps knocking me over :).


2 responses to “Price Tag of Running

  1. Oh btw, I forgot to mention that I registered for 2 half marathons, not one. The 3M is 3 weeks before the Austin Half and is a down-hill run, supposedly fun and the goody bag is great. Also Rogue has us doing 14 miles that weekend, so I’ll take the HM anyday thank you!

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