Kill the Hills

I can still feel the hills inside my legs as I write this. I just got back from the Marshes and I did not sink :). Here’s the map  of the route we took. We ran from Rogue to Bouldin (1.5 miles each way) which is a hilly street and then ran zig-zag through each cross-street between Bouldin and Dawson. There are 11 such cross-streets and each of them has a varying degree of incline. We were supposed to run faster (more effort) on the East-West/criss-cross streets and while running North-South up Bouldin and Dawson we were supposed to run easy pace (recovery run).

So imagine a ladder with Bouldin and Dawson as the stands and each cross street as a rung but the cross-streets are up and down. Got the picture?

It takes me such a long time to warm up – past 2 miles almost so I wasn’t really all agog to go when I got to the bottom of Bouldin. But we started running anyway. I ran almost all the way with Carlene. There were a couple of “bitch hills” (not my words, Coach Lorrie’s) that really screwed me up in the beginning. Then somehow on rung # 6 I found my mojo. I decided to forget about varying the pace and just decided to run as it felt natural. My legs hurt on the incline but in a good way because they were doing so much work. The intensity went all the way up to the hamstrings.

The last few cross-streets weren’t as hilly as the first few ones but I was able to run the second half well enough that I enjoyed it. I stopped trying to have conversation and I realized I really like running alone. I like getting into that one steady pace and my mind is never as calm as it is then. If I can get into that zone for longer and longer, I can do the race. I need to forget about darn pace, miles and all these mumbo jumbo numbers in my head and just figure out how to get into that zone. And once I’m in there, and I get out it’s not that hard to get back in there. It’s not hard at all. So while the hills tried to kill me on the first half, I fought back the bitches :).

So a full Marsh is when you run up zig-zag and run down as well. Coach asked us to do half, where we ran up zig-zag and then ran straight down the hill on Bouldin. I spoke to her after the training and she asked me to run every other day if possible. So tomorrow I’m definitely not running. So tomorrow I’m swimming. Let the legs relax a bit :).

I like that there was some interest in the earlier post on the price tag of running. I guess I didn’t distinguish between fixed costs and variable costs – the shoes tend to be more fixed for a certain # of miles – if you run many miles you may need to replace them. I hope I get to that point and that’s why I keep a running log on my shoes to know how many miles I have on them. Not all of the stuff is necessary. You can’t avoid the race registrations of course. However, the one thing that is 300% worth it is the Rogue training. Rogue is not just a running company, its a community. I hope my legs want to be Rogue for a long time to come :).


One response to “Kill the Hills

  1. Sirsha!
    Sorry I wasn’t able to leave a comment until today. What a great idea! All of it – running, blog, charity, etc. It’s so much fun reading about your experience. I am still trying to get back to my routine with running, it’s hard. Last week when I was in Cleveland I decided to keep up with my schedule and went to the gym, did 5K… and crushed when I got back to my room…
    Sounds like you are doing great! Be careful on your joints and get good rest when you can, cause you have to! Coool shoes by the way! Black! What a nice gift from Bharath! Talk to you soon! Olga.

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