Fun Run on Turkey Day

You gotta love Austin or at least admire the city’s love for the outdoors. And I travel enough times to other parts of Texas to understand that it is pretty unique to this city. This Thanksgiving day, more than 15,000 people showed up to run the fun 5-mile loop around downtown Austin. There were all kinds of people who came out – with kids in strollers, canine running partners, old, young, school kids to grandparents. Not everyone may have been a habitual runner, some walked it and some raced it. But it was a fantastic feeling being part of the crowd.

By the time we crossed the start line, it was past 9.45 (the race was supposed to start at 9.30) and we began jogging on 1st street. Bharath wasn’t having fun running as slow as I do, so he shot ahead and I wanted to have a good, usual run like I do on weekends. It was terribly humid and the race tee was long-sleeved and tight in the wrong places. I think I kept good, even pace. Had a lot of fun people-watching, listening in on conversations. Took a while to warm up of course. I met up with Jairam, the other SoH runner on mile 4 and asked him also to race ahead. I sprinted to the finish line as the clock said 1.06 but given that we began late, I’d actually run 5 miles at around or less than an hour! That’s a pace gain of more than a minute (not sure exactly how much) or 1 mile extra on the hour. Quite excited about that!

I went to my first PT session yesterday. They made me walk to check my gait and did various strain tests on my legs. Said the left foot was at 8 level of flexibility while the right foot is at 13. The therapist said they’d like to see both legs at 15. I’ve got 4 exercises to repeat. One involves standing on the ball of a foot at a time for 10 seconds with knee straight and bent, calf-stretches, toe-strengthening exercises by pulling a towel with the toe on the floor till it crunches up etc. There was no massage unlike the chiro, just these exercises. No wonder chiros are more popular! Here you gotta do all the work! Well, it still gives me control over the process which I like. Doesn’t mean I won’t go to the chiro once in a while :).


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