Trials and Tribulations

I haven’t blogged in a while. There have been about 3 runs that I haven’t blogged about. There’s been some sort of imperceptible change. I think I turned a corner somewhere on the run from hell. But today I found out that I really hadn’t. I’d been letting my mind run away with me, thinking that if I had run from hell, I was invincible.

Immediately after the run from hell I had a quality workout last week on Tuesday that we did the Marshes again. If you’ve read about the Marshes, they are a hilly workout which involves running uphill on two parallel streets that are on a general incline. Half a Marsh is running on the cross streets and back on the parallel streets in a zig zag fashion but only going uphill. A full Marsh is also coming down the same way. Need I mention that the cross streets have various levels of inclinations. After the 10 mile hilly run I felt pretty confident and did a whole Marsh. Took me about 35 minutes. I also confidently told the PT I felt fine. She said it was ok to skip a week and continue the exercises.

Friday night I was overconfident enough that I did a lot of things wrong. I slept late, had been traveling over the week and was tired from the journey, and ate poorly too. A small run on Thursday morning of 4 miles went ok (ran with Gayatri). Come Saturday morning I knew I was way too tired for the run. On 5 hours of sleep I dragged myself to Rogue, did the stretches and began running. Thanks to Jairam who was kind enough to lend a gel pack to me. The run was bad. It took me more than 3 miles to stop feeling the cramps which had been bothering my tired muscles since the run from hell.

But I never got to that point where I begin to enjoy the run. Where I am completely in the present that nothing ever crosses my mind except that I am happy to be there. Over that second 5 miles it did get a bit easier but I was so very sore and so very tired. It took me more than a day to recover. I did an icebath but it did not speed up recovery.

Having guests over for brunch meant I skipped a recovery run on Sunday. Come Tuesday I feel like I haven’t run a while but my legs are perpetually sore. I guess the distances are such that it’s taking a toll on my legs. Two weeks on 10 miles each with hilly workout in between left me very tired.

Today my legs gave up. We had time trials on the track. Running 8 laps implied a 2 mile time trial. Coaches insisted on full effort. My ankles felt cramped from the warm up run. Buy after the foot drills I was over confident and started out too fast. By lap 3 I was in pain over the cramp on my left ankle. I slowed down, walked even jeopardizing any time trial. But every time I began running the pain and cramps would be back. I was almost in tears. Not sure if it was the pain or just the sinking feeling I had already blown the time trial while everyone ran past me. Carlene my running
partner did well and I was proud of her. At lap 6 I somehow remembered SoH runner Charu who injured her ankle because she didn’t stop running when pain surfaced. By then I had to stop. I took a ride back with the coaches to Rogue.

My coach was worried. She said to make an appointment with PT asap. She is super awesome. And asked me to take it easy. I’m going go try doing that. Meanwhile I’m sorely disappointed. Was next to tears many times. It could have been fine but I think the long runs are getting too much for my legs perhaps. It’s so, so demoralizing.


4 responses to “Trials and Tribulations

  1. Hey! This is awesome, ChatteRuns! πŸ™‚ I like how scientific the process is over there. You know, coaches, training, physio, ice-baths… just stuff we’re not used to doing here. Good luck with the training! Marshes! Interesting! Enjoy the running. I’ve stopped completely. Just been playing football and gymming, but when you get into that zone where you run effortlessly, it’s a deeply spiritual experience. You lose yourself and the body kind of just takes over. And now reading this makes me want to experience it over again. πŸ™‚ Don’t be too down about training. Keep your chin up and keep going!

    • Thanks ajeya. I know you ran a race, how did you train. I totally agree about getting into the zone. Some people call it the runners high. I like it cos I’m completely in here and now. Not always easy to get there, importantly stay there. πŸ™‚

  2. Awww.. Sweety, hugs… hugs. It sounds like you are being too hard on your self. Take it easy and am very glad that you are listening to your body and not pushing yourself beyond!
    One step at a time, one run at a time…. Am sure you will be fine!

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