Back on Track

After a month-long hiatus with no serious running while I was in India, it felt good to be back on familiar ground at Rogue last Tuesday night, amidst familiar faces and meeting my favorite coach, Lorrie. Lorrie is amazing! The workout was an in-and-out 800 meter run on the tracks where we ran around the track 8 times, every 2 loops count as 800 meters. Each 800 meter to be done at slow and fast pace – 10K and HMGP. Running to the track and back, and around it was about a good 5.5 mile run.

I wasn’t having much running successes lately. The last decent run was in the gym in Mumbai of about 8km or roughly 5 miles. Since running in Chennai I’d also begun to have knee pains – and I know that’s the most common running injury so it made me nervous and unwilling to run much in India. Add to that allergies and a cold which made breathing tough. We tried running on the beach while in Goa a couple of times but that’s a whole different skill set. So I wasn’t very optimistic about the run on Tuesday.

Then during the instructions, Coach Lorrie talked about positive thinking and said that a lot of your running performance has to do with your mind, and thinking that you can do it. So I thought, never mind the last few weeks – let me try running as if I’m just starting to run again. So that’s what I did. I ran a slow, slow pace to the track and it felt easy and good. At the track, Coach pulled me aside. She asked me to run easy and not try to do the slow-fast alternation since I was coming back from a long break. The air was cool and crisp, the moon was out and it was a beautiful night to run. Definitely made me appreciate Austin a lot!

I did just fine on the track. I ran easy and anyway, I don’t do this fast-slow business very well. I run only one pace. Slow. And that’s fine with me. I might take varying the pace a bit more seriously once I can get back into shape.

This weekend is 7 miles and the last half of the 3M course. Of course, we’re not ready to run the 3M race, however easy the course may be. But since we’re signed up for it, we’re going to probably run-walk it. Or postpone the registration to do a shorter run perhaps. We’ll see. Watch the blog for developments :).

Back in PT today. Of course, since I wasn’t running much I was irregular with PT as well. I told them about the knee pain. It is still connected to weak hips and I’ve to continue on the hip exercises. I did some and my glutes were on fire. The weak hips are making the knees turn in during running and because of repetitive force, its making the knees hurt. I’ve got to get the hips to get stronger.

This is life. Stuff happens. And something that you’d been doing diligently gets sidetracked and you lose steam. Its so easy to give up at this point. So easy to say, at least I did something and I’ll just stay happy with it. But I can’t. I saw a world in which I was so happy running. I tasted the runner’s high and I can’t stop trying to get at it again. Maybe its going to take a lot more bad runs, hip exercises and glutes on fire to get there but we should keep trying.


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