Gearing up for the Race

I remember shopping for the half-marathon. I was excited and buying gear ALL the time during those 3-4 months. Not so much during this tri training season. I did go and get myself a good tri swimsuit as I thought I’d just swim in that and jump into bike/run shorts during transitions. But one of the Ironchicks with me, Jade, mentioned the swimsuit chafes under the running shorts. Also Marion went and got herself a very cool looking 1 piece trisuit, and she couldn’t stop talking about how amazing it was! So that’s got me thinking.

My good friend Sharanya actually geared me up pretty well for the training. She gave me a pair of tri-shorts, a bike jersey and a tri top (which you can swim in). She also gave me bike gloves and a helmet and the bike is of course, dear Scarlett I, belonging to Charanya. Scarlett has taken many a triathlete in the Austin area of Indian origin through their virgin triscapades. Sharanya, Varsha, Charanya being a few and I am standing in queue now to break my tri virginity on Scarlett. I also did buy a good pair of bike shorts but those are good for long rides not so much triathlons since I can only wear them on my bike (can’t imagine running with those huge posterior pads but they might be helpful in keeping me afloat in the open water..hmm…).

Rogue of course has this huge list of gear that they handed out on Day 1 of Ironchicks. This is keeping in mind that most of us who were signing up only knew what a triathlon meant. Here it is below. I had some of the stuff already, the others I deemed to be expendable. The one thing I do think is important are the CO2 cartridges and mini bike pump. I don’t really know how to use the CO2 cartridge (for that matter I’m really worried about changing a flat on race day) so I think I might get the mini pump for immediate needs.

Everyone emphasizes the race belt. I still don’t know if I’ll need one. Probably will try using the SPI belt that I got in the Austin Half race packet with safety pins. We’re going to have so many race numbers. First on the body, on your legs etc. because you can’t wear a race number while in the water. Then a bike race number for the bike and yourself. And then a running race number. I’m sure I’m going to mess something up here. Really need to be organized at transition.

Anyway, here’s the stuff I’ve ordered from Amazon.

1) A single piece tri-suit (after Marion highly endorsed it)

2) Ear plugs for swimming (to avoid bugs, weeds and water from entering my brain)

3) Lace locks (should have got these a long time ago, especially during HM training!)

4) Water bottles!!! (we’ve got the cheap plastic stuff all the gear shops give out for free – try drinking from them after they’ve been sitting in the heat and you’re probably getting cancer in the near future).

So you see, I haven’t gone overboard yet. I think I have enough Gu gel to last me this race. I will take along some bars & bread for nutrition during. Still have to figure out what I can take to calm my nerves before the swim. All the gear in the world won’t help with it.

Triathlon Equipment Needs


  • Swimsuit or tri shorts/top
  • Goggles
  • Pull buoys
  • Fins
  • Swim cap (optional, but you must wear one in races)
  • Pull paddles (optional)
  • Kick board (optional)


  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Bike shoes or running shoes
  • Tri or bike shorts, tri top
  • Spare tube and tire levers
  • CO2 cartridge and/or mini pump
  • Bike-mounted water bottle
  • Cell phone with coach’s number & emergency contacts
  • Sunglasses (optional, but very valuable for protecting eyes from bugs, dust, etc.)
  • Identification, such as old drivers license or Road-ID (optional, but smart to have)
  • Cycling gloves (optional)
  • Bento box (optional)


  • Running shoes and socks
  • Tri shorts/top
  • Sports watch
  • Hat (optional)
  • Sunglasses (optional)
  • EZ laces/Yankz (optional)

Race Day Add-ons

  • Transition towel
  • Extra water bottles
  • Nutrition
  • Timing chip
  • Race belt/race number
  • Bike race number
  • Backpack or transition bag
  • Flip flops, sandals or other shoes for before/after race (optional)
  • Sunscreen (optional)
  • Flashlight (optional)
  • Post-race change of clothes (optional)

3 responses to “Gearing up for the Race

  1. nice refresher for me too… thanks for putting this together. Some comments:

    1). I think RoadID is a must now, not optional (In my opinion). I got one end of last year and now I don’t do any outdoor workouts without them.
    2). I still don’t know how to correctly change flat tires, it is a big fear I have during race day. I think I noticed is that I used to overpressure my tires (120-130) and I was getting flats a little bit more earlier. Now I pressure them (110-120), touch wood so far so good.
    3). It really helps wearing sunglasses while biking, roads in general have all sorts of non-sense 🙂
    4). I REALLY like race belts…I highly recommend one. It is really inexpensive if you think about the other gear in general.
    Given all these gears, it is really dangerous to enter a tri/bike store. The list is endless 🙂

    • Yes I totally missed the sunglasses as critical. We went out for a ride in the twilight last evening and I still wore my sunglasses for fear of bugs in my eyes. Road ID is a good option I need to get one. Or I’ll just make my own cheap homemade one. Race Belt: I was thinking of using the SPI belt but modifying it a bit. But I need to try it out. If I ask Bharath to order anymore stuff from Amazon I will be out of the doorstep with the stuff. Thanks!!

      • Haha! I sneak in trips to my tri store here and buy stuff one thing at time- so Cha doesn’t see all of them 😛

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