Bad workout comes in two! Boo!!

Went and did the J&A Splash and Dash today – it’s a monthly event at Quarry lake with a 750 swim and a 3k run. I was tired. I hate these evening workouts after I’ve been slouching all day over a desk, started hydrating only at 2 pm and it was 98 F out there today..or something that felt like it. Plus I wasn’t psyched about it like I usually need to get before a race. It’s not really a race but it is. Its full of these intense triathletes who are trying to be well, intense. Anyway. I reached late. I was pissed off because of traffic and getting lost a bit. Not making excuses just trying to figure out my mental state. Anyway. The place (Pure Austin Fitness) owns the lake. I forgot to fill my bottle and also forgot to bring my sunglasses (woke up late, argh I was lost 9 hours before the race started!). So I ran to fill my bottle at the nearest water stop and barely made it to the start of the race. And what more, I was tired, sweaty and dehydrated. I knew this race was going to feel like shit.
So the swim was ok. I mean I finished it, but I was slow. There was only one wave each for men and women. I probably finished one of the last in the wave. Maybe not. I didn’t look behind to check. Probably should have to cement some confidence which was pretty much ankle high at the time. I didn’t feel great during the swim. I know my stroke is inefficient and it kept bothering me, I felt tired. The run felt worse. It’s 3 loops of the perimeter of the lake. I was mentally done at the end of loop 1. Amit finished his 3k at that time. I finished the second loop which felt worse. I was behind these two ladies and they stopped at the finish. Suddenly my mind hit a wall and I also turned around. So I didn’t finish. That’s a first.
Not sure this training by myself is going anywhere. I mean I’m out there doing stuff but it’s not focused. I went to the spin on Thursday night, Mamma Jamma ride over the weekend, did a short run with Bharath on Monday and a 300 swim at Mansfield Dam with Deb. But my guess is tri training needs to be more focused. Even then, I enjoy the training I’m doing. Committing to anything more is pointless at this point since I’m going away in August and I’m not in the mood, at least this season to shell out dollars and time to train seriously. So maybe I just stop looking around at what anyone else is doing and enjoy what I can. That’s my goal for the rest of the tri season.


4 responses to “Bad workout comes in two! Boo!!

  1. “So maybe I just stop looking around at what anyone else is doing and enjoy what I can.”
    If you were supposed to have been like all those other people, there would have been no need to create you.

      • S&D takes place typically on hot evenings, so dehydration is definitely a danger. Don’t feel bad about it. You went out there and did it – which is more than a lot of us do! 🙂

        Some races are better than others, cest la vie. The important thing is to identify what you can improve upon for the next race. Having fun is a great goal for tri training! 🙂

        And, aye aye, Deb!

  2. don’t be too harsh on your self. Focus on fundamentals- short runs, speed work, spin and eating healthy. Rest will fall in place. It was just a bad day at the tri office!!

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