Back on trail-track!

So my love affair with running on trails is quite an on-and-off thing. One of the reasons is that I don’t know the trails well so I can’t really go and run on my own. In general I find it hard these days to motivate myself to do that. It’s always hot and I feel unmotivated to run on the roads because my knees always ache after. Went on two fun trail runs this week. One was with this recreational trail group (i.e. it’s not a training group but the runners are far from recreational) called Hill Country Trail Running group (HCTR). We did Walnut Creek, a loop of 5 miles off Parmer and Lamar. And then Savi and I went out to Bastrop State Park on Saturday for a proposed 7 mile run that became a 3.5 mile run instead. Why? Well, we got there later than we expected – started to run only around 7.30 am. It got hot pretty quickly and soon I was sweating like a pig. And we didn’t have much time to run as I had to get to work that day. So we cut it short. A surprisingly good incident happened – which could have been really bad if not for an angel! I dropped my wallet while entering the park (left it on top of the car) and a kind biker actually followed us up to find us at the parking area and returned it! Everything intact. Glad to see some kindness and goodness unexpectedly touching you!

I really really like running on the trails. Feels cooler than asphalt, kinder on your legs and you feel much calmer. Easier to get into the high. Desperately need trail shoes though – nearly sprained my ankle on a root in Walnut Creek (and got wet from the Creek!). I’d thought of doing a trail race this running season but with Brazil, not so sure. Need to find a group or something there because it’s not something you can do on your own – or at least its not safe especially if trails are not marked or you’re too dumb to read maps (like me), easily can get lost. So for now, I am in this mode of trying everything, recreationally. No serious training for me now. Going to capitalize on all the free runs/rides/workouts around town as much as I can!


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