So after several really long races, I finally did a fun 10k in Austin today. Definitely no PR there. The race started at 9 am and it was already sweltering a bit while we waited for the gun to go off. I ran with a bunch of EY folks but in the end I started to run with my work buddy Karen who runs at a pace similar to mine. The course was simple enough, not too many hills, I mean you can’t avoid hills in Austin. But it was a really fun race. Nearly 23,000 people turn out every year to run it, people run in costumes, there’s lots of bands (one in particular was great) and there’s even a costume contest. I love taking time to applaud the bands that come out and play for the runners – it makes it so much better on the course with them around. Today however didn’t see much out there in terms of costumes. There was an older guy running with an empty stroller making a baby sound and squirting fake baby pee at runners. One of those ideas that seem funny in planning. The EY team toyed with the costume idea but it didn’t really pan out – too busy accountants/consultants. Anyhoo, so it was really hot and in the beginning I waited for Karen a few times but her knee was bothering her so I took off. On the last leg, the last 2 miles or so was on Cesar Chavez right under the sun. Super hot, sweating like a pig. A few times I had to walk just to cool down or I felt I was going to pass out. Was glad this wasn’t a half marathon or something and I really had only 2 miles or so to go. Yuck, hate running in TX in the heat. Nothing to save you from the damn sun. Temp wise it was only 77 or so but soooo humid!! My usual last 500 yard dash for the finish line was quite pathetic – if I ran any faster I’d have been sprawled on the street so I tempered it down and just finished in at 1.02.20. So no PR there (remember Sao Paulo 10k was at night, so the damn sun took 30 seconds off each mile on my pace). Even then, still glad I ran it. It was hot but it was still an easy run. I really understand the difference between trails and road now because those same miles on the trails would have felt much harder. Yay to trails!


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