Rants cntd.

Most of my blog posts are muses or sometimes, gushes about my latest outdoor activities. Today it’s a rant. I’m pissed off and frankly I have no idea who’s to blame. Other than of course, the usual suspect, the system.

This is how the most usually productive part of my evenings progress:

5.30: leave work
6.00: run
7.00: eat/beer

This is how it was today

5.10: leave work because the run today is at Spicewood Springs entrance to Bull Creek Park.
6.00: still on TX 360. The beauty of hill country not good enough.
6.10: show up where I think the entrance should be (never been there before).
6.25: No sign of runners, nearly got run down by, you guessed it, a freaking SUV!
7.00: hungry, blogging with rage

So I continue my rant about this ridiculous arrangement. Sit in my car, in traffic for 45-60 minutes. To go run on the trails for another 60 minutes. Worth it? I’m feeling less and less sure. The fact is, I love the running part. But I already pay some money per month to run with the group. The traffic and gas, not to mention opportunity costs of leaving work early on running days, are making it quite expensive. And so the economist in me is really beginning to question this. These are ONLY my private costs. I bet there are externalities (I’m one more car on TX 360, which is not on my way home and is congested, one more infinitesimal point on the demand curve for already expensive gas, etc. etc.). What’s the point in doing something you love when it really feels like a freaking burden. Traffic is the reason I stopped my music class.

And how ironic it seems to drive to where I’m going to run. Sure I don’t have a backyard trail. If I did live by backyard trails it would mean driving more everyday to work because I work downtown. So it feels like I could never win. So should I suck it up for the 2 days a week I need to go through this pain to go do something I like? Or should I buy into the big house with a big yard by a backyard trail dream? (No I haven’t lost it completely yet).

And here I go whining about this stupid American lifestyle. I’m not sure what it will ever take to change it. Certainly the housing crisis not the myriad oil crises haven’t done anything to teach us the ridiculousness of this unsustainable life – driving everywhere, living far from work, humongous houses with high electricity consumption and all that.


4 responses to “Rants cntd.

  1. Gosh – I sooo agree with you!! The most annoying thing for me with tri/run training is actually the process of getting to the location – and we’re actually even relatively “lucky” since we’re in Austin…SAT/Houston etc are worse!!

  2. 45 minutes seems too long a drive for a weekday! Are there alternatives? A central park type of place in downtown or sidewalk/park running close to home?

  3. When we figured out a place of stay in Bangalore, the question was do I travel five days a week but live awesome (every amenity in walking distance, entertainments at tens of minutes, autos anytime etc.) at home or stay close to office and travel for everything else. I saw that as travel to office for living awesome! Its ok if it takes an hour to get to office, but just 10 minutes to a movie! 5 mins to a samosa, 1 minute to shopping! That works for me.

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