Running, the rest of life and a recipe!

Running has a way of taking over your life when you’re training for something. I finished my 25k Nueces trail race with reasonable amount of training and then did the 10K with only the fast workouts during the week i.e. didn’t run much during the weekend in early March. The fast workouts definitely helped to pull through a good PR time on the 10K at Hell’s Hills. Here’s a nice report on the race as whole, missed being mentioned as a top finisher by 1 rank. But got photographed for the amount of determination with which I usually finish haha.

Bharath and I do get into loggerheads because I tend to put running above most things in life. That includes work sometimes (only when it’s not busy with deadlines). The number of times I sneak out early to go run with Joe’s group (thanks to traffic snarls). I never feel guilty about it because when it comes down to the wire, I push through, I’m an efficient and productive manager and I run my projects pretty well. Could I do better? Sure. There’s a trade-off somewhere isn’t there always. You have only so much of yourself to give to every component in your life. I give a lot of thought and effort to running, but not more than my job for sure, which by the way I love. I work with good people and I do interesting work so I love doing it. Days which are a scramble at work are the best. I am appreciated and I appreciate what I have – a job in Austin that I enjoy. It also lets me enjoy other things like running.

So sometimes Bharath does get a bit shortchanged in this whole equation. I’m off running and working and traveling so when I am home I need to be fully present. We’re both laptop junkies and hooked onto our computers a lot at home but lately we’ve been trying to spend ‘quality’ time together. We really like going out and we love to drink and eat out. We love watching indie flicks and try to save Monday nights for something fun or even routine like walking together to Central Market. On Friday nights which are usually before long runs on Saturday, it’s a tough call. Should I stay out late and drink with friends or should I go home to bed, hydrate instead of dehydrate to wake up early for a run. It is not an easy choice and on any given weekend, sometimes I’ll go with one or the other. Bharath of course, complains when I choose running over partying especially if he’s in the mood to go out. But what I think I/we really enjoy are the weekend afternoons with some of our closest friends at our favorite watering hole. the Draught House. It’s a no-frills, all beer, sometimes bring-your-chair pub where you order up front and drink at the bier garten. We love it. No food, no other types of alcohol.

We end up going here or some other N. Central Austin pub on weekend afternoons which is awesome because I’ve finished running and feel very happy chugging down those beers. To make up for my boring-ness on Friday nights I make him a nice lunch after my run or bring him tacos from Tacodeli. Today I made this awesome curried tofu salad with guac on top. Here’s the recipe:

Tofu – crumbled; salad leaves (I used kale/baby spinach and arugula mix); raisins or cranberries (10 or so), walnuts crumbled, 1/2 onion chopped, 2 sticks of celery chopped. For the dressing I whisked together regular mayo (oh yes, I embraced the fat today), orange juice (cos I was out of lemon, this is a GREAT sub, adds tart and sweet), 1 chopped garlic, pepper and 1 tsp or so of curry powder (the best mix I buy is from Wheatsville Coop). Mix and serve. I also made some guac on top with yogurt, salt, pepper, 1 clove of chopped garlic, onions, cilantro, tomatoes and 1 green chilli chopped. It was DIVINE!!


On the run today, which was surprisingly not as hot as I expected but very humid, I was a bit unprepared. I was running with Alicia and Elizabeth and we ran some beautiful loops. The greenbelt is really green today in Spring, the creek was running and lots of people were out there swimming. So were cops giving out tickets to unleashed dogs’ owners. Poor guys. Anyway, Alicia and Elizabeth like to take their time – they called me a fast runner, Gazelle and all and I was terribly flattered, but I know I am not fast, I’m average on the trails. Faster then many, slower than many more. So 7 miles or so actually took 2.5 hours. We stopped many times, took pictures and hike/ran. As a result I was out of water. Unprepared for the humidity the ladies shared salt tablets with me as well as water. So I gotta go out next time better prepared. Elizabeth said I should gear up and I should. Thinking about getting a camel bak where I can carry nutrition, water everything and try running without the bottle of water, which anyway gets the water to be very warm by the middle of the run. 

So before I go out to Beacon Rock (registered yay!), I need to plan out some more gear. That’s another reason for some complaints (mostly in mock) from Bharath about how this sport is not very cheap. It is and it isn’t. I haven’t had to buy gear for a while now but I’m going to have to. Just bought a bunch of running clothes for the summer from a gift card from work (yay for performance rewards, see I said I am good at my job).

Here are some pics from the trails this morning, it was soooo pretty out there!!!ImageImageImage




One response to “Running, the rest of life and a recipe!

  1. Excessive screen time is an ubiquitous problem. Usually, when we are home, the TV is on and we are both on our laptops with the iPads and phones orbiting us like satellites. Hence for quality time – especially when we need to talk about important things – we go out to eat 🙂

    (btw, your blog needs a like button!)

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