Running through questions

First, a 4 mile run in 100F feels very different when it ends from when you begin. I like to think I have gotten better at handling heat. And you bet I have. Last year, I wouldn’t have made it through this run. But I think slowly but steadily getting out there in the heat, humidity and whathaveyou in TX or elsewhere in the US where there have been heat waves, it’s been working. Every run is different but every run has helped build that resilience to high temps. In Chicago, there was a heat wave but I got in about 4-5 runs in my week long trip there. Even though it was disgustingly humid and I walked a lot more than I ran, I still managed to do 3-4 miles. Being on the lakeshore obviously helped. It was gorgeous with or without the heat. It was different running in the midwest, where I lived as a couch potato. I saw the city and the town I lived in for five years of grad school, West Lafayette IN in new light. Bharath even showed me a neat 2 mile trail inside the city that would have been gorgeous for running even in the winter. Bharath actually did some of these short runs with me but he really doesn’t like running (despite his new Vibrams which felt better). Still, I was glad for the company at times.



2 responses to “Running through questions

  1. I used to complain about the Austin heat while running and now I know I had it better there…the Houston heat+humidity combination is just deadly!! But still…as much as I dread heading out for a run, once I’m in the middle of a workout, it does feel pretty great. I still have a love-hate relationship with running, but never any regrets that it’s part of my life! Enjoy those summer runs and come experience the Houston humidity sometime! Miss you! šŸ™‚

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