Knocked up and still running (or at least trying)

Running during pregnancy is not as easy as it is made out to be. First, there are 100 opinions on it, like ANYTHING regarding pregnancy. You really only need to listen to your OB and nurses. Everyone else can take a hike (or run). Here’s my experience with the first tri.

I was pregnant in India on vacation for 2 weeks without knowing it. Well I had some strange suspicion I might be so I took a test at home and it was negative (too early). That was encouraging and I continued to eat and run and drink like I normally did. Which is, I watched what I ate like a hawk (except at the wedding in Kolkata), drank a lot and ran some. My best friend Sasha from college was training for a half marathon and it was fun going running with her. We didn’t run on the road but in the park and I taught her a few tricks. I don’t have a gym in Bombay so I also ran around all the old neighborhoods where I grew up and that was awesome. All the way down Mt. Carmel Rd, up Mt. Mary steps and past the church down to Bandstand (where I caught my school bus in third standard) and back to Mt. Carmel. Felt totally awesome. Also, Bombay has a lot more runners than it used to so people think it’s less weird now. So not many stares. Even in Kolkata I had to do it once. We stayed at the Saturday Club and I went running down Shakespeare Sarani all the way to Victoria Memorial – where I had to make change for my Rs 100 with a local cop for the Rs. 4 ticket to enter VM. In typical WB Govt. fashion the ticket clerk was first incredulous and then indignant about the Rs. 100 I handed him. I even offered to pay for some girls to make change but they thought I was crazy and recommended I go buy some ‘cheeps’ (potato chips) at the local baniya to make change. Little did they know I was low-carb. Despite those hiccups, the run inside VM is one of the memorable ones I’ve done, right up there with running in Rio!

Anyway, I came back home and voila I was pregnant. Until then I felt no symptoms but somehow the knowledge of it made me queasy and tired immediately. Also I googled running and pregnancy and lots of stupid advice out there – don’t get your HR up beyond 130, don’t run hard or you’ll pull a muscle because pregnancy makes them woozy etc etc. Anyway, went to the OB and she said, if you’ve been running keep on doing what you did. I could have kissed her!

Except, I couldn’t run much! I was so fatigued and queasy (and those stupid paranoid HR tips never left me) I took to doing some home workouts instead. I kept up my pushups routine whenever I could. The first 8 weeks weren’t so bad. After 8 weeks I was more tired. Mornings were hard and after work, I was SO HUNGRY I couldn’t manage the energy to workout even after a light snack. Oh, I kept up with going to Black Swan Yoga until I realized those instructors had NO CLUE what to do with a pregnant lady. Until 8-10 weeks it didnt matter – I could downward dog and chataranga – I did downgrade to Flow and mellow as the Power class was too intense (sad face). Eventually I realized I was too nervous to keep myself at the mercy of inexperienced yoga instructors with respect to pregos. I still need to go join a pre-natal yoga class. That’s this week.

Good thing is that weight is still under control – I have gained about 3.5 lbs from 110 to 113 and it’s now stagnated at that. I’m eating a lot and low-carb has become medium-carb now (too hungry). Haven’t been doing much weights but continuing the push-ups and side crunches/obliques while I can (read, not feeling nauseous or tired). YouTube is GREAT for pregnancy workouts. Here’s my fave.

So, running has been off and on sporadic. Finally this morning I determinedly made it out to the trails with my trail buddies. It was great. Running with Liz (more like hiking) was awesome cos she was full of interesting tidbits about her kids and how she dealt with all kinds of stuff. I really liked listening to her – the advice was sound. I ran about 4 miles – took 2 hours nearly because we hiked so much – and I need to pack more food on these runs even if they’re less than 5 miles. Here’s a pic from the run this morning (I look very different from the pic from 3 months ago :)). There’s me at 14 weeks, 113.5 lbs and a fuller face!



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